Services Offered

Popular Services

Restaurant Delivery

Craving your favorite restaurant, but don’t feel like fighting the traffic and parking lots? It’s as simple as placing your order online or calling us. We will take care of the rest. Your order will arrive within 30 – 45 minutes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  

Grocery Delivery

It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 items or 35 items. Our staff will go to the local market of your choice to gather all of your desired articles and promptly deliver them to your home, allowing your attention to be focused on the things that mean the most to you.  Notice is helpful, but not required.

Pharmacy Pickup

Feeling under the weather and need a prescription picked up from a local pharmacy? Stay in and recover, our staff can have your order to you within 45 minutes.  

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Our staff will pick up your linens and deliver them to the cleaner of your choice. Whenever they are finished, we will promptly bring them back to your home.  

Package Shipping

Have a package that needs to be returned or shipped out? Place an order, and one of our drivers will come to your location, pick up the package, and take it to the appropriate drop-off. After completed you will receive tracking info.  

Courier Service

Please give us at least a 2-hour notice to ensure your courier will get your package to its location on time. As soon as your package arrives, we will send you a confirmation receipt.  

Specific Request

If you have a specific request that doesn’t fit any of the above, send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

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