About Us

Malibu Delivery launched in October of 2008. Despite the popularity of other on-line delivery services, Malibu Delivery remains the most used service in Malibu for many reasons:

•We can pick up whatever you need – not just food.  We will pick up medication from your pharmacy, eggs from the farmers market,  your dry-cleaning, a gift from Cross Creek or liquor from the grocery store.  Whatever you need picked up and delivered….we can do it.

•We always have a driver available in Malibu.  Unlike other delivery services who do not cover all of Malibu, we are local to Malibu and always have a driver ready to pick up your order.  

•It is easy to place an order.  Just log in to our website from your phone or computer.  Email the order.  You will receive a confirmation that your order is received and confirmation from the driver once it has been picked up and they are on route to you.

•Members trust our service: Our members are used to our small group of trusted drivers.  A familiar face gives peace of mind.

•We are fast, friendly and accommodating.  We want you to love our service. Our staff are trained, well mannered and trustworthy. We are a local Malibu business, so our drivers know Malibu like the back of their hand. We encourage your feedback and want to know if we can do better. 

Consider Malibu Delivery, the “AAA” for your home and life.  

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