About Us

Our company has been Serving Malibu Since 2008.

Before APPs or smartphones, flip phones were the craze of that time. We started out as a small company that operated only on the weekends. Within weeks it was clear that there was a demand for home delivery of food and goods other than pizza.

We launched Malibu Delivery in October of 2008. Initially, we had huge plans for franchising and developing the business model into something that would become scalable for every town across America. In 2009 we launched Calabasas Delivery, Agoura Delivery, and The Lakes Concierge. Cincinnati Delivery was our first “test” of the business as a franchise. At the time, catering to the masses was our goal.After several years in business, APPs, and companies such as GrubHub, Uber, etc. had begun to launch their delivery companies. One thing was very clear we were not willing to give up. With our Malibu location being our headquarters, the decision was made to sell off the other locations. Doing so made it possible for us to focus all of our attention and staffing on our clientele in Malibu.

The service has become more concierge oriented. The membership program has provided many additional services in comparison to our original food delivery. This transition set us apart from other companies that were popping up in the industry. Instead of quantity we choose quality. Our staff is fantastic and genuinely loves working with our clientele.

Most of the employees have been with us for 5+ years. This is something that we find very important because you should know and trust the people who come to your homes. Our members are used to our small group of employees and have found it easier to trust them after working with them daily. Having a membership with us gives you the peace of mind of knowing all of your last minute or unexpected things can be taken care of with ease.

Consider Malibu Delivery, the “AAA” for your home and life.  

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