WE ARE CLOSED 07-04-20 AND 07-05-20

Dear beloved clients and friends,

As you are well aware we have successfully remained safe and healthy throughout this pandemic. This is purely due to following all safety precautions, and wearing the proper PPE. Our number one goal has always been to satisfy our members. However, over the last three months we have strived and achieved a new goal of keeping our clients, and staff, healthy and safe. 

Your patience has been amazing. Unfortunately, due to the FACT that Malibu will be overcrowded this upcoming Holiday weekend, we have collectively decided to make the “right call” and close Saturday July, 4th and Sunday July 5th.

This decision has been made not just for our safety, but more importantly your safety. With all of the changes we’ve had to adapt to over the last several months, we do not believe it is worth risking all of the hard work of staying well and safe for one high-traffic weekend.

We hope you agree with this decision. We are going to credit your account for a free delivery to compensate you for this service disruption. Please be sure to submit your needs for the weekend ASAP so that we can take care of them. 

Thank you again for your understanding. At this point, it goes without saying, we are all in this together!